Art Instruction & Workshops

Youth Art Programs for artists K-12 

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Current & Upcoming Events:

New schedule for youth art classes:

Every Saturday until Sept. 28th & then the Fall semester will begin in October.

10 dollar donation request for any non-member to attend class. Unless it is the student’s first time, then first class is free!

Elementary Art school: Kindergarten-5th grade @ 11am-1pm
Middle Art school: 5th-9th grades @ 1-3pm
High Art school: 9th -12th grades (under 18) @ 3-5pm

I encourage planning to arrive 30 minutes early and staying and extra 30 minutes to clean and check out the next classes artworks. The age limits wont be “strictly” enforced if you happen to have siblings or friends of slightly different ages

Introducing Open Studio for all students Wednesdays 
@2-5pm including Mural 101 & Rocket Car Racers

If you are an adult with a child and would like to participate as a student it will only be a 5 dollar donation request to help cover the extra supplies. This way if for some reason someone can’t pay they can still attend. It is a donation but it is still definitely requested. I’m working hard on expanding this program and every penny is going into its success and expansions.

Also Introducing bilingual Spanish art classes!
Taking sign ups now interested in art studio lessons
Thursdays 3-5pm

Charnel Mulligan Park Mural Community picnic July 23rd @ 5:30 pm

Family Art Night- Visual Arts Week Aug 2nd 6-8pm @ Studio

6ft Wheel of art- Public demonstration Aug 6th 11am- 2pm @ Park Blocks MORE INFO ON POP UP / RSVP HERE