3D Bubble Art Night-

February 27th from 6-8pm @ 160 E. Broadway in Eugene

Make your own unique artworks from blown bubbles that will activate three dimensional illusions when viewed thru chromatic glasses. Technique and theory will be included explaining how to achieve this effect. All supplies included as well as light reception with drinks and appetizers. Ages 12 and above are welcome to attend.

Abstract: Drawing inspiration for my work comes directly from my life.   While making Christmas wrapping paper with my niece Alethia in 2011,  we discovered the pure fun of pattern making with blown bubbles.  The fractal imagery and organic nebulae intrigued me and over the next nine months I experimented with a multitude of pigments and materials trying to control the chaotic process and elevate it to an aesthetic that I desired. The resulting series combines a childlike sensibility with higher scientific principles. This series unites the common visuals of deep space and microscopic imagery, and the imaginative spaces in between.  Soap offers a fractal rendering that reflects the infinite universe.

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